How to pay your invoice on your mobile

The following 2 pieces of information are needed to complete the payment on PAGA:
Merchant Name:
TransferTo Payment
Service Name:

Customer Reference:
(5 to 7 digits)   (dash)         (10 to 11 digits)         

Ex: 1290601  -  1512369413

Choose your preferred payment option with PAGA to make the payment now:
  • Login to your Paga account and click the option for Pay bill or merchant.
  • Select TransferTo Payment in the drop down list.
  • Select the service and fill in your Hotel ID from your account and Invoice Number in the Ref/Acct No field. This should be in the format HotelID - InvoiceNumber.
  • Enter Amount. Your First name and Surname should be generated automatically. Click Continue.
  • You will see a Merchant Confirmation Page. Select Paga Account from Funding Source and click Confirm.
  • Upon completion, you will see a Success page with payment details. Please print or save this confirmation page for your records. You will receive a confirmation SMS as well.
Download from Google Play Store
  • Search for and download the Paga mobile app on your phone and login to your account. Select Pay bill or merchant in the menu. Select TransferTo Payment in the dropdown menu and Continue.
  • Select the service and enter the amount you wish to pay. Fill in the HotelID - InvoiceNumber in the Customer Code and click Go.
  • You will see a Bill Pay Confirmation screen and a Receipt screen. Save the Transaction ID for your reference.
Dial *242*2#
  • Using any operator in Nigeria, dial *242*2# and follow the instructions to make your payment.
  • You will need to select 6. Bill payment in the menu.
    Enter TRA as the first 3 letters of the merchant’s name.
  • Select 4. Transfer-To Payment as the merchant. Enter your Customer ID: HotelID - Invoice Number
  • Select service: 1. Enter Amount to be paid XXX. Review and confirm payment 1.
Search for an agent closest to you
  • Visit the Paga website to find the agent closest to you.
  • When you visit the agent, tell them you want to pay a bill. Tell them the merchant is TransferTo Payment and the services is
  • Provide them your customer reference number which is HotelID - Invoice Number.
  • Once payment is processed, you will receive an SMS from Paga with your receipt.