The TransferTo business model is easy to use for both the sender and the receiver. Senders can view denomination values available in the receiving country and airtime is delivered in real time to the receiver in local currency. The recipient then can use the airtime "Top-up" as per their existing terms & conditions of service.

High value transfer

Why Offer International Airtime Top-Up?

  • Natural complement to cash remittances
  • No end user education, resulting in simplified marketing
  • Profitable business model, no up-front investment and high margins (10%- 25%)

International airtime forecasts

Remittance Facts

01 There are 250 million people working and living in a country other than their own. Combined, these people send $600 billion back home every year.
02 80% of mobile phones worldwide are prepaid. These subscribers perform $55 billion (USD) in top-ups per year.
03 According to the World Bank, communication expenses in developing economies represent 4 to 6% of household incomes.
04 Money Transfer Fees make micro remittances (under $20) practically impossible.
05 Airtime transfers are the ideal solution for sending small amounts of ‘value’.
06 Airtime transfer is a $2 billion market.

Fraud Prevention and Compliance Usage Restrictions

TransferTo has usage restrictions in place in order to comply with self regulating requirements set by sending or receiving partners and to prevent as much as possible fraudulent misuse of international airtime transfer or goods and services.

The table below presents the maximum transactions allowed for a recipient.

The limits can be adjusted in countries depending on the regulations that apply. In addition, receiving operators can set their own limitations so as to comply with their own rules.

To prevent fraud, the TransferTo platform has been designed to enable the implementation of stricter velocity checks as well as freely customizable usage restrictions based on the following combined criteria:

  • Maximum amounts sent and/or received
  • Frequency of transactions (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly)

Maximum Transactions Allowed
for a Recipient