Global Leader in International Airtime Remittance

TransferTo is the global leading provider of International Airtime Remittance. Our solutions enable the transfer of small amounts of prepaid mobile credits, across borders- anytime, anywhere.

Designed with Foreign Born Nationals in Mind

With over 200 million foreign born nationals sending money back to their home countries, International Airtime Remittance allows them to give valuable gifts to relatives and recharge the prepaid mobile phones of several recipients at the same time. TransferTo's International Airtime Remittance solutions are a must have Value Added Service for Mobile Network Operators, MVNO’s, Financial Institutions and Money Transfer Operators.

Global Reach Across Six Continents

Our vast network enables real-time, prepaid, International Airtime Remittance to over 350+ partner mobile network operators in 100+ countries, reaching over 3.6 billion prepaid users. TransferTo supports multiple payment channels and has solutions for Mobile, Web and POS - each with a white lable option to fit your brand specifications.

Deploying our service in both sending and receiving countries does not require any additional investments: Our solutions are designed to comply with existing technical environments and processes, enabling companies to focus on the marketing and distribution of service and not on the back end technologies.

Instant. Convenient. Secure.

TransferTo offers easy, fast and seamless deployments of our Mobile, Web and POS solutions for International Airtime Remittance services. Our comprehensive approach and end-to-end solutions allow companies the ability to generate immediate additional revenues, drive consumer acquisition, and leverage their existing customer bases with Value Added Services.

350+ receiving operators in 100+ countries

Including Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, Haiti,
Poland, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, ...

A reach of 3.6 Billion prepaid users

70-100% coverage in emerging countries.

3 Million unique users
every month

High penetration (>10% and up to 50%,
depending on the markets) and recurrence.

$8 Average amount sent per transaction

3 Number of transactions per month/user

$24 Average monthly revenue per user

12% Average service penetration rate after 12 months

70% Returning user rate

Our Solutions

Mobile Network Operators & MVNO’s

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Financial Institutions & Money Transfer Operators

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